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Grade 7 Tours start with a roar!

Grade 7 Tour:  Term 1 

An Indescribable Adventure

Grade 7 learners visit many interesting and educational sites on  their four day tour to the Tsitiskamma and Plettenberg Bay areas.

These include: The Tsitsikamma National Park and the following animal and sanctuaries: Birds of Eden, Monkeyland, Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary and Radical Raptors Rehabilitation and Education Centre.

They also visit the Featherbed Nature Reserve in Knysna.

At the Tsitsikamma National Park learners follow the famous “Otter” Trail Route to the first Waterfall. Here they plunge playfully in the cool, pristine natural pool. They also take another route to walk across two hanging bridges. At the Park, learners are also afforded the opportunity to take a boat trip into the Tsitsikamma River Gauge. They also experience snorkeling in Tsitsikamma Bay.

Grade 7 Photographs

Grade 7 Tour photographs stun everyone!

Grade 7 Summerwood Primary School learners have been entering a photo competition during their tour, for years.

Four winners,  for each Grade 7 class, are selected annually.  The overall winner is selected by an independent panel.

Winning photos are enlarged, blocked and handed over to the winners during Assembly. The photos are sponsored by the Grade 7 Tour Fund. The 2020 winners are:

  • Grade 7A1:  Lüdgen le Roux

  • Grade 7E1:  Beldon Kahn 

  • Grade 7E2:  Jané du Plessis and

  • Grade 7E3:  Terryn Delport.

  • Overall Winner: Terryn Delport

Please browse and expand the media gallery below for the photograph showing the winners.

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"... and I said to myself, "What a wonderful world!"


Get Involved

Plettenberg Bay Elephant Sanctuary

'Elephant Sanctuary, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, has African elephants and offers an interactive elephant experience and elephant back riding.

They offer hands-on educational elephant interactions. This provides the learners a far more intimate experience with the elephants.

The dedicated staff is committed to the use of positive reinforcement elephant training methods and as a result, they have relaxed elephants who enjoy interacting with their guests.

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Radical Raptors

Flying displays: a variety of trained non-releasable birds of prey are free flown around and to the learners as an opportunity for them to spectate, participate and photograph these magnificent birds in natural surroundings. 

It is essential that individuals and communities are taught awareness of our raptors and the impact of humans on their environment. As part of their commitment to the preservation of birds of prey the dedicated staff demonstrate the plight and magnificence of these birds through their flying displays.

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Adventureland: Plettenberg Bay

  • Supertube - One of the most popular rides, the 75m supertube will keep you coming back for more as it thrills you with twists and turns and finally spits you out into a pool of gushing water.

  • 2 Lane Racer - Challenge your friends and family to a race and fly over humps and almost lift off as you zoom towards the finish line.

  • Kamikzazi slide - Not for the faint hearted and designed for the speed freaks. This slide takes you to new levels of excitement as you feel yourself sliding on air "P.S. Wedgie Alert"

  • Raging Rapid Tube ride - Rush down the raging rapids, fly around the corners and finally slow down as you calmly float into the main pool.

  • Mini-Supertube - The mini-supertube caters for the youngster and the more calm at heart.

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Monkeyland and Birds of Eden

Learners can expect to see a variety of primates. These range from the Gibbons of Asia to the Lemurs of Madagascar. 

On Monkey Land's location on 23 hectares of indigenous forest, the free-roaming aspect of the sanctuary enables learners to gain a positive environmental message.

Birds of Eden is home to about 220 different types of birds, and more than 3500 birds live in the sanctuary.

The award winning bird sanctuary provides a forever home where previously caged birds can live a life of free-flight in a habitat as large and natural as is possible.

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