Summerwood Primary School Chess

Parents should think more of chess as an extra mural. Mentally challenging extra murals are also great for learners of all ages and chess is one such activity.


About Chess

Chess is an extramural activity offered throughout the year at Summerwood. 

All learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are welcome to join.  A learner does not need to have knowledge of the game prior to joining as we coach beginner and intermediate players.

We are fortunate to have an experienced coach who is able to teach and assist the learners to improve their games.

Learners can look forward to the challenge of a chess game after having practised with their peers and are encouraged to participate in individual chess tournaments which are offered throughout the year. 

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To encourage learners to play chess for enjoyment and enrichment. We hope to make the game more accessible to all skill levels and help players reach their potential in order to play competitively.

At practices learners are taught the rules of chess as well as practise against fellow learners. They also, coincidentally, learn math, logical thinking skills and creativity of thought.


+- 20 Senior chess learners (Grade 3 to 7)

+- 30 Junior chess learners (Grade 1 and 2)



Junior chess practice is every Thursday, 13:00 – 14:00

Senior chess practice is every Thursday from, 14:15 – 15:15.


It has been proven that playing chess has a positive effect on a learner’s scholastic work – an encouraging reason for your child to consider playing chess at school or at home!