Summerwood Primary School Organogram
Class Teachers

Please consult with your class teacher about any issues concerning your child. If it is about a routine matter, you are most welcome to write the class teacher an email. For serious matters, please request an appointment.

The organogram of class teachers  is below the graphic.

Summerwood Primary School Staff.jpg

Grade 1


Grade 1A1

Ms Margaux Prince

Grade 1E1

Ms M. Smith

Grade 1E2

Ms L. Bothma

Grade 1E3

Ms S. Farr

Grade 2


Grade 2A1

Ms M. Swanevelder

Grade 2E1

Ms S. Gorman

Grade 2E2

Ms A. Humphreys

Grade 2E3

Ms Z. Mattheus

Grade 3


Grade 3A1

Ms M. le Roux

Grade 3E1

M. D. Botha

Grade 3E2

Ms C. Pritchard

Grade 3E3

Ms M. Mc Gregor

Grade 4


Grade 4A1

Ms K. Gerber

Grade 4E1

Ms J. Coetzer

Grade 4E2

Ms T. Nortjé

Grade 4E3

Ms C. Meiring

Grade 5


Grade 5A1

Mr W. Shaw

Grade 5E1

Ms C. Peel

Grade 5E2

Ms J. Heijn

Grade 5E3

Mr S. Watkins

Grade 6


Grade 6A1

Mr D. Will

Grade 6E1

Mr S. Truter

Grade 6E2

Ms J. Stokes

Grade 6E3

Ms R. Lőest

Grade 7


Grade 7A1

Ms N. Botha

Grade 7E1

Mr K. Haschick

Grade 7E2

Ms E. Mukheibir

Grade 7E3

Mr R. Marais