Summerwood Primary School Facilities


Summerwood School Grounds Improvements 
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General Improvements

  • Expansion and upgrade of girls' and boys' toilets including: replacements of toilet bowls and basins

  • Continuous work on fields

    • Top dress / fertilise  all fields

    • Landscaping of fields

  • Upgrade of indoor aquatic centre toilets

  • Irrigation installed on cricket field

  • Adding one more borehole to supply water to fields

  • Adding more water tanks to supply water to swimming-pool

  • Swimming pool filtration and water management refurbished

  • New seating area for hockey field against tennis courts

  • Retaining wall outside swimming pool

  • Upgrade of pool pumps to reduce electrical consumption

  • More "green" energy by fitting solar panels in various areas on the school roofs.

Summerwood Primary School Facilities Aquatics Centre Indoor
Summerwood Primary School Aquatics Centre Indoor

Safety improvements

  • Main parking area – introduction of safe walking zone for children, seating / waiting area, drop & go lane and bypass lane

  • Secondary entrance to swimming pool – new parking lot for non-school associated swimmers

  • Security and Access control – automation of all gates

  • Power boxes on hockey field – revamped for safety

  • Shade and seating at netball courts

  • Walkway around netball courts – deep falling hazard removed

  • Area around netball courts upgraded to prevent tripping hazard

  • Paving at grade 1 area improved to prevent children tripping on stairs

  • Swimming pool roof refurbished

  • New surfaces for netball and tennis courts

Summerwood Primary School Clubhouse Exterior.jpg
Summerwood Primary School Clubhouse Interior.jpg
Other Prime Facilities established at Summerwood
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Summerwood Beautification 2022
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