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Summerwood Primary School Reading Awareness Day

Summerwood Primary School Foundation Phase teachers and learners dressed up as characters from their favourite storybooks on Friday, 13 August 2021.  The little ones adore dressing up one  these fabulous theme days.

Summerwood Primary School learners love reading. It has a well-equipped library with a vast variety of books to select from. The school has a specialist librarian who ensures that all books are taken out and returned digitally. Our learners love going to the library. The library is a comfortable space where learners can take out books and sit and read.  At Summerwood Primary School, we believe that frequent readers will become leaders. Children who read books redgularlly The principal, Mr W. Foaden has recently made an amount of money available to purchase more fascinating books,

Library 001.png

Summerwood book reading - 2021

Foundation Phase Reading - Book Characters 2021

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