Summerwood Primary School History

Summerwood Primary School has a remarkable history that had a humble beginning in Valley Happy, but has grown ot be one of the most revered schools in Gceberha.

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A Chronology of a Proud History

Sumerwood Primary School had a humble beginning as a wooden school in Happy Valley. The school in Summerstrand has grown to be one of the most revered schools in Gceberha.


Summerwood Primary School was established in Happy Valley. The school was known as the Humewood Preparatory School.  The principal was Ms R. Clementz. It was a small Victorian style wooden building.


The Humerwood Preparatory School was demolished by a fire. All that could be saved, was a piano and the Inter-House Shield.


For 18 months the school was housed in the Dolorico Cafe in Happy Valley. The premises had to be shared with a night club. Each morning, before the school could commence, staff members and learners had to remove the evidence of the previous night's entertainment.

In 1953 Mr J.B. Wegerhoff succeeded Ms Clementz as principal.


The School moved to its new building on the corner of Second Avenue and Skegness Road in Summerstrand.  Summerwood Primary School was officially opened by the chairman of the School Board, Mr Albert Jackson. The school enrolled 260 pupils.


There were 8 members of staff. The teacher - pupil ration was 1: 37. The school enrolled its first Afrikcans speaking pupils.


The School Hall was official opened on 4 August 1960 and named after the chairman of the school committee, Mr Warren Hastings.


Mr J.B. Wegerhoff retired after a serving Summerwood Primary School as principal for a period of 19 years


Mr Justice Crouse accepted the post as principal. 


After persistent fundraising by parents, the swimming-pool was established.


Four tennis courts were completed after a fundraising effort.


Property was purchased in Fifth Avenue for establishing two rugby fields.


Mr Cal Zimmermann became the principal. Mr Crouse had passed away after serving the school for 20 years.

Mr Zimmermann established a sustainable Music Department.


Mr Fred Claasen became principal in June. His dream was to establish a clubhouse for functions which resembled the initial wooden building in Happy Valley.


The Fred Claasen Clubhouse was officially opened. Mr Claasen retired. Mr L. Nel acted as principal.


Mr William Foaden was appointed as principal. 


Summerwood Primary School was in need of expansion. Eight new classrooms were built. 


An Arts and Music Centre and a Sciences, Mathematics and Technology classroom was completed.


The Summerwood Primary School Aquatics Centre was opened. It is a modern  indoor, heated swimming-pool.


Various netball surfaces and tennis courts were upgraded. Mr Foaden envisioned a sustainable school. An ultra-modern sprinkling system was added to water the gardens and fields. Tanks were erected and boreholes were adapted to provide water for the fields and swimming-pools. Solar panels were installed as an alternative source of power.


House names were changed and houses were increased.  Clementz and Wegerhoff became Dolphins, Orcas and Stingrays.


The luxurious Summerwood Primary School Foundation Phase restrooms were officially  opened on Thursday, 13 October 2022.

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