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This is an overview of subjects taught in Grade 1. Grade heads, class teachers and subject teachers are included:

The key outcome(s) for each subject are listed.

Some subjects focus on learning areas, while other subjects focus on topics.


Grade Head:

Ms M. Prince

Class Teachers:

1A : Mrs E. Robinson (Temporary) & Mrs M. Prince (Maternity Leave)

1E1 : Mrs M. Smith

1E2 : Miss. L. Bothma

1E3 : Mrs D. Botha

Subject Teachers:

Xhosa: Mrs. R. Parker

Speech and Auditory Development:  Mrs G. Webber

Remedial lessons: Mrs S. McKay

ICT: Mrs B. Johnson

Performing Arts:  Mrs S. McKay

Swimming: Mrs N. Odgen

Afrikaans FAL: Miss M. van Vuuren

English FAL: Miss M. van Vuuren

Recorder: Mrs H. Young, Mr J. Bussy and Mrs A. van Deemter

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As a grade we aspire to teach, guide, lead and love our children to help them grow and develop at the highest standard for them reach to their personal full potential.  Grade 1 marks the beginning of a 12-year journey in school.


At Summerwood we believe in creating a classroom environment where children can enjoy learning and a classroom environment which is set in routine, love and care.  This environment lays the foundation on which our children can stand firm and have a positive start to their school career. 

Key Content / Skills

Grade 1 is a year like no other!  Here we teach our little ones how to be young scholars.  Apart from all the content we cover in all the learning areas, different skills and life lessons, we teach them how to read, to write and to do Mathematics!  In grade 1 we see little ones grow and develop and become socially and emotionally ready to face the rest of their school life with confidence. 

Assessment including progression

In the beginning of grade 1 we determine the learner’s academic level and readiness for formal education with the baseline assessment for grade 1.

For the convenience of our parents and learners, we have the services of a private occupational therapist, a speech therapist and remedial teacher on hand.  All care is given to help our children reach their personal best. 

During each term, learners are continuously and informally assessed and at the end of each term formal assessments are done to cover all learning areas and conclude the assessment program for the term.  The formal assessment program will determine if all requirements is met in each learning area.

To progress to grade 2, a learner should obtain a level 4 in Home Language, a level 3 in First Additional Language and a level 3 in Mathematics.

We believe in high standards and strive to inspire our learners to do the same.


Both formal and continuous assessment is marked according to the following rating scale:

Level 7:                Outstanding Achievement

Level 6 :               Meritorious Achievement

Level 5:                Substantial Achievement

Level 4:               Adequate Achievement

Level 3:                Moderate Achievement

Level 2:                Elementary Achievement

Level 1:                Not Achieved

The School-Based Assessment mark as determined during the school year constitutes 100% of the total mark.


The learners:

  • Work effectively as individuals and with others as members of a team.

  •  Organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively.

  • Communicate effectively using visual, symbolic and/or language skills in various modes;

Our approach to the CAPS curriculum is not just to impart knowledge but to develop critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills.

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