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We offer PE swimming once a week during class time. (Learn to swim with a professional coach) After school swimming from Gr 1 to 7. Beginners swimming for Gr 1 and 2. Private coaching is also available with Summerstrand swimming club and  Blues swimming club.

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Walk down the stairs into parking area, explain stop and drop.

Walk towards the tuck shop and past the Marimba room. The doors will be open on the outside and parents can stop to listen.

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Up the stairs towards the hall. Ms Jonson will do a very short explanation about coding. Parents must be informed about our weekly assembly meetings. We do character building assemblies from Gr 1 to Gr 7.

Summerwood Primary School History 2

Enter through the front door of the school. Show the office area (PA, Bursars and Mr. Foaden’s office). Walk down the Gr 1 passage. The doors will be open and allow the parents to go into the classrooms. Show the new bathrooms. We will make sure the doors are open.

Up the stairs towards the grade 2 classes and past the two music classes where teachers will be teaching.

Ms Swanevelder will be in her classroom. Introduce her to parents as our Gr 2a teacher and our before and after school counselor for learners.

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Turn right at Ms Swanevelder’s outside door and exit through the first gate on your right towards the netball courts where Miss Nortje will be practising netball. We offer netball to grades 1 to 7.

Walk around the netball court and up the stairs towards the grade 7 classes. Mr. Marais will be there to greet the parents.

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Band room. Mr. Uys will be rehearsing with the band.Down past the Art room and enter the school again at Ms Loest’s classroom.

Summerwood Primary School Information  Technologies

Down past the Art room and enter the school again at Ms Loest’s classroom.

The next stop will be the senior IT Lab. Mr. A. Nel will do a short talk.

Ms van der Ham will be in the performing arts class with her equipment. We will ask her to do a lesson Explain that we offer OT Therapy during school hours for learners in need of occupational therapy.

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Library – Ms Bam will be in the library as well as our speech therapist, Ms Webber. The learners have library classes once a week and they are allowed to take out books during these periods as well as break time.


Turn left and exit through the “blue door” towards the A-Hockey field. Miss Botha will be coaching girls’ hockey and Mr. Truter the boys’ hockey.

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Walk to the right past the tennis courts. Miss Meiring will be coaching tennis. Tennis coaching is offered from gr 2 to 7.

Past the tennis courts and onto the B-hockey field where Mr. Watkins will be with a cricket tea

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