Summerwood Primary School
Information and Communication Technologies 

Summerwood Primary School offers a robust Information and Communication Technologies infrastructure and dedicated external (Knowledge Network) ICT-curriculum to all our learners. The learners can also do research and web-based Mathematics in our centres. 


Our Infrastructure


Summerwood Primary School has an extensive network infrastructure. The infrastructure has been prepared for teaching in anticipation of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


The School has a genuine Server with separate virtual machines for the staff and learners.


It has various Power over Ethernet (POE) switches and Ethernet cabling  across the school. We also have sufficient enterprise wi-fi access points to ensure that hybrid learning (using pen and paper and technology) is possible in each classroom.


Each classroom is equipped with a digital projector, a pull-down screen and a speaker. Each teacher has a laptop computer.


The school boasts three computer centres with 30 computers per centre. Various apps are installed on all computers. The centres are also equipped with digital projectors, screens and speakers.


All the computers in the school have access to the internet through dedication lines or wi-fi. The school has three Internet lines, of which two run at 100 Mbps.                


Printing is done through network connections to four Photocopiers.


The school has a Microsoft agreement by which it can install all Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.


Teaching and Learning


Each class has an ICT-lesson of one hour per week in a computer centre. Summerwood Primary School uses the renowned Knowledge Network® curriculum for schools. It is a project-based learning system. The learners progressively learn to think and work like young entrepreneurs. They learn to access and process data and present information. They process and present advanced documents. They create spreadsheets and charts. They create stunning slideshows. They produce creative graphics. The learners also learn to code. Furthermore, they learn Netiquette and how to do research correctly. In short, the learners learn how to use technology as a tool for learning at school, work and life. The Grade 4 to Grade 7 learners annually write external Knowledge Network ICT-examinations. Learners who attain 70% or more receive Knowledge Network certificates for their achievements. The examinations are completed using the following apps: Grade 4 - Microsoft PowerPoint, Grade 5 - Microsoft PowerPoint, Grade 6 - Microsoft Excel, Grade 7 - Microsoft Word.


The learners also use the ICT-centres for research for school-based projects. They are welcome to use the centres before and after school hours.


Learners also have at least one CAMI Web-based Mathematics lesson per week. They have usernames and passwords and can also do CAMI Mathematics at home, as it is a web-based app. The CAMI Mathematics app has built-in features to assist learners with their work. It is aligned with the school curriculum.


Like the teachers, each learner has access to Microsoft Teams. Learners can view their homework, assignments to complete and relevant lesson content on Teams. They can also work and collaborate with Teams.