A Unique Approach to Leadership

Summerwood Primary School Learner Leadership

Four core leaders serve Summerwood Primary School. They are ably assisted by the house captains of the Dollphins, Orcas and Stingrays.


Learner Leaders

Summerwood Primary School has returned to the concept of having only four core learner leaders since 2022. ​ House captains and monitors will fulfil different roles.

The learner leaders are nominated by the learners.

​The learner leaders will be expected to be role models to all the learners in the Summerwood family.​ These four leaders will be used at functions and special occasions such as welcoming the new learners to the school in 2022.​ They will also be used at assemblies.

​Each learner leader will be a mentor for a Grade 1-class in 2023.



"You manage things; you lead people." —Rear Admiral Grace Murray

House Captains

The House Captains are elected by the learners and deployed on merit.

The House Captains of the Dolphins, Orcas and Stingrays support the learner leaders in their tasks.

The House Captains are responsible for social affairs at Inter-House Meetings like the Inter-House Athletics Meeting and the Inter-House Swimming Gala.

They also host some school assemblies.

Furthermore; they assist at important school events.

The House Captains ensure that there is a spirit of Unity on House Days.

They take initiative to arrange events on their own, with the guidance of House Masters.