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Summerwood Primary School Letterland Day

Summerwood Primary School recently celebrated the characters in the Letterland software that is used in all the classes in the Foundation Phase (Grade 1 to Grade 3).

Summerwood Primary School uses the Letterland Software for whole class teaching and remedial lessons in the Foundation Phase.  

With the Letterland software, learners can hear, see and interact with the colourful Letterlanders.  Living ABC includes an alphabet song, a handwriting song and a story for each letter. Learners use the software to listen to sounds,  build words on screen,  blend and segment words and share animated versions of the stories that explain all the key spelling patterns. The software features interactive cards to revise all the sounds and spelling patterns. It also has a world building section.


Summerwood Primary School Letterland Literacy Day

A Day of dressing up like the Letterlanders.

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