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The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) consists of a very active and dynamic team of parents who give their time, energy and expertise to fundraisings and working in partnership with Summerwood Primary School.

The purpose of the PIC is to foster goodwill between the parents, pupils, staff and School Governing Body and to raise funds for the  benefit of the school,  providing equipment to promote academic, spiritual and extra-curricular development.


The PIC is dedicated to ensuring that our children receive an optimal education at Summerwood Primary School through a collaborative relationship between parents and teachers for the benefit of the children and the good of the school. The class and grade representatives form a portfolio within our committee. The class representatives will create, maintain and monitor close links with the teachers with the object of sharing the needs of the parents and the teachers.

Many of the events on our calendar have become an annual tradition and are always great fun. They involve not only the children and their families but also the wider Port Elizabeth community.

The annual events include:

  • the Woolworths trolley dash

  • a Golf Day

  • and our very exciting Summerwood Carnival

Parent participation plays a vital role in the success of our school. Not only does it enable our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) to raise much needed funds, but it also builds on and reflects our strong sense of community.. The positive and lively spirit or these involved parents buoys us all - teachers, learners and parents alike. 

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Summerwood Heritage Day 045.JPG


If you would like to get involved with the Parent Involvement Committee, please supply us with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your contact number

  • Where you would like to help 

Contact Michelle Pienaar on 079 490 7459 or email at

Teachers' Tea

Once a term, we spoil our hardworking teachers with eats during break time.

We need parents to assist with catering and setting up in the staffroom.

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Expectations from parents

Please comply to these expectations.



  1. ​Guide your children to understand that they are responsible for their personal belongings.

  2. Mark a stationery, lunch boxes, water bottles, clothing and other items brought to school.


  4. Learners'bookcases must be clearly marked with their name.

  5. Check that your child or children take part in at least one winter and one summer sport.

  6. Parents must ensure that learners attend all practices once a commitment has been made.

  7. Make sure that your child or children attend all practices once a commitment has been made.

  8. Sport team members must wear the correct when taking part in a sport.

  9. If your child is absent from school for one day, you need to send the school a note.

  10. If your child is absent for more than one day, documentation like a letter of sick leave from a registered medical practitioner, is required.

  11. Place all money sent to the school in an envelope. The envelope should clearly indicate the learner's name, grade and class and purpose of the money.

  12. Tear-off slips must be completed promptly and returned to the school.

  13. Learners may wear civvies on birthdays and specified days.

  14. Attendance at sport is compulsory for those participating, unless a valid written excuse is offered prior to the practice.

  15. The school diary must be at school daily.

  16. ART: All learners mus have their own, clearly labeled workbooks for each lesson.


  1. Your child will receive full written instructions with regards to an assessment task at least a week before it is due. 

  2. Test and exam question papers will not be sent home or placed in learner portfolio books. Only answers will be sent home on request.

  3. Please sign answer papers and formal assessment tasks. 

  4. Tasks must be handed in on the date due.

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