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Channels of Communication at Summerwood Primary School

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

This year …we are asking all parents to please speak directly, and preferably “face to face” FIRST with the teacher/sports coach who can assist you with a concern. The homework diary (or sealed letter) is your quickest route to set up this appointment, as teachers often only get to their e-mails late in the afternoon….or the following day…depending on Sport commitments and DoE curriculum meetings. (e-mail list attached)

The management team is also implementing “broadcasting” for parent groups to prevent all the questions regarding homework….and other trivia. We have asked the PTA to help us implement this broadcasting.

Please teach your child to manage their diary correctly. The watts app group is for once-off updates from teachers and should be used as a final measure….it is not for your child who doesn’t know “what NS to do at home”…or for parent opinions regarding various topics.

This year, the staff, parents and children must remain committed to;

  • assume a culture of excellence and best intentions from all involved in the operations of the school.

  • bring solutions (with the problems) to teachers and the school’s leadership. team – but by following the correct channels of communication (see below).

  • offer your expertise ( professional advice / experience) and share your strengths with the School Management Team (SMT) and the School Governing Body (SGB)

  • speak positively in public, about Summerwood, its children and its staff.

Staff, Parents and children are not only encouraged, but expected, to speak up in defense of Summerwood, at all times……. but address a specific individual personally.

We hope that you enjoy being part of a great team.

Kindest regards

Mr W Foaden (Headmaster – January 2019)

Summerwood Primary School Staff Team at Carnival 2018
Respect channels of communication at Summerwood Primary School