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Coding "Unplugged" at Summerwood

Summerwood Primary School recently joined other "unplugged" coding clubs in Gqeberha, when they competed in an unplugged coding competition at the North End Church. Learners from Grade 5 to Grade 7 took part in the competition. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part for the first time and claimed that it was educational but not stressful.

Programming skills are honed using unique puzzle pieces and cellular phones. As soon as learners have put together a string of code, they take a photograph and the score is recorded using the Rangers application.

The unplugged coding project originates with Byron Batteson's Tanks, aimed at introducing learners to coding without computers (Prof. J. Greyling NMU), This unplugged coding movement in inspiring teachers and learners across South Afirca. Coding Unplugged is a tool that reaches schools without laboratories.

Summerwood Primary School has established a club where club members can practise their coding skills four times per week, just after sport practises.

Summerwood has already purchased 2 Tanks coding kits (higher grades). It now needs sufficient cellular phones with functional cameras and the ability to the Rangers application. Any parents who have extra cellular phones, can donate these to Summerwood Primary School for our coding club. Please remove the SIM card before doing so.

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