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Grade 6 Learners Provided with Diverse and Interactive Challenges

Updated: Nov 13

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide your Grade 6 learner with diverse and interactive challenges, we planned a Term 4 outing that allowed learners to appreciate the natural splendour of our coastline while gaining real-world skills for their futures.

There is a real need for young people to take part in initiatives that make them realise that they can make a valuable difference in the World. A practical way to do this was through the Adventure Day at The Willows. The day encouraged them to learn & apply essential 21 Century Skills, while giving back. This was done while having real outdoor fun, taking part in various adventure activities, and making meaningful connections and memories. The Experience was safe & secure, easily accessible, affordable & fun.

Activities ran the along the coastline inside the Willows Resort. Teams competed in an Adventure race and Survivor challenge along one of the most scenic and interesting coastlines around.

Outcomes focus: Environmental awareness, synergy, building a winning culture, identifying personal strengths, creative problem solving, putting others first, completing tasks, taking responsibility for others and the environment, having fun, challenging various skills and competencies, overcoming fears as a team, taking it for the team.

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