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Grade 7 Forty Days before the end of the 2022 academic year, the ideal time to plan

Updated: Oct 24

The Grade 7 learners celebrated their last forty school days before the end of their Primary School career on Friday, 21 October 2022.

It was a day to celebrate, but also reflect on the many highlights of their Primary School days.

Examination Preparation Guidelines follow below the Gallery.

It is also the ideal time to plan for the final examinations. All learners would like to begin their high school career with a solid academic foundation.

Some learners are still uncertain about how to plan and study for these important final examinations of Grade 7.

Some guidelines from students can assist our learners. Consider the following pointers.

  • Follow an examination study plan that you set with a sufficient time frame to study before the examinations.

  • Study during a study period before the examination.

  • Prioritize the core subjects such as Languages and Mathematics.

  • Use the day before you write an examination paper for revision and consolidation.

  • Use tools to maximize focus and minimize distractions.

  • Do not get distracted by your phone and end up spending time on social media or other irrelevant platforms.

  • Use the Pomodoro method – 25 minutes of hyper-focused studies followed by a five-minute break.

  • Repeat the cycle as many times as you need to understand and memorize a portion of work.

  • During breaks, walk around, breathe, stretch and hydrate.

  • Always study in a designated spot and on a specific time of day so that you can prime your brain to focus.

  • Do not study on your bed in the bedroom.

  • Handwrite condensed notes from your textbooks, notebooks and PowerPoint presentations. Handwriting helps you retain information better.

  • Look after your condensed notes (summaries).

  • Exercise is good during the examination period as it helps with memory recall.

  • Review your condensed notes just before you sleep and early in the morning.

  • Do practice tests. These force your brain to do active recall.

  • Try to get notes from a person who completed Grade 7 at the same school and followed the same curriculum.

  • Make flashcards on cards or by using online tools such as Quizlet.

  • “Teach” someone the material that you have studied. This could be a classmate or family member. This forces you to explain things in your own words. If the person asks questions you cannot answer, restudy the parts that you could not explain.

The Grade 7s of 2022 are thanked for their dedication and wished good luck for the final "hurdle" before they can truly celebrated the end of their Primary School career.

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