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Music Learners Make Magic Happen at Makhanda!

The 14th National Makhanda Music Competition was held recently at the Department of Music and Musicology of Rhodes University.

We thank our Music learners who take part in theses competitions that can challenge them, increase their exposure and help them to become confident musicians and adults.

Alina Bower, Aaron Kahn, Petri Reynolds and Anette van der Spuy went proceeded to the semi-final round in the Primary School.

Well done to Aaron and Petri for placing 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Junior category Music Festival 2022. A good attitude and hard work go a long way! You did Summerwood proud.

Summerwood Primary School applauds the Music learners for communicating with us through your Music. Thank you for the melodies that soothe our souls. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) once said, "Music means communication to me. I say 'listen you people out there, listen to my music, let's be one.' Music is a friend to me when I am lonely, when I am blue. You can't define music 'cause music is cosmos and it knows no barrier or definition. You have to feel music to love it."

We trust that these young musicians will persevere in this tough environment. Paul Simon said, " Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die."

Adapted article posted by Ms H. Young (Head of Music Department)

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