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About Summerwood Primary School, a message by the headmaster, Mr W. Foaden

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

The nature of our child-centred and holistic school means that we rely on a mutual relationship of trust between all parties where critique isn’t just tolerated, but welcomed and where our mutual point of departure is founded on the benefits to the child.

It is with this perspective in mind that we expect parents to take full advantage of the academic, entrepreneurial, sporting cultural and spiritual aspects of school life at Summerwood.

Our focus is on learning and we plan our initiatives to have a positive effect on all children.

The extra-curricular activities are planned to engage the mosaic of interests of each child. We also encourage our families to take time to walk barefoot together in the sand.

We also encourage our families to take time to walk barefoot together in the sand.

The cornerstones of our daily life with each other are respect, encouragement and joy.

On top of these strong foundations are support and challenge, which means that, “Just do your best” ...  is not good enough.

We expect planned diligence – especially from our more senior children who are actively and deliberately guided by their parents. We all believe that our children should not only understand the consequences of their actions but that they are also expected to learn positive life lessons from their second chance. We trust you enjoy browsing the Summerwood Primary School website.

  • If you are a past learner, parent or teacher, enjoy the glow of the legacy you left behind.

  • If you are an existing parent or teacher we hope you feel the pride associated with your sacrifice.

  • If you are a prospective parent or teacher, know that excellence comes at a price.

May the children of Africa, be happy children.

Mr W. Foaden - Headmaster

Summerwood Primary School Grade 1 class of 2016
We rely on mutual relationships in our community school.

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