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Summerwood Primary School Relay Gala

Summerwood Primary School encouraged teamwork by introducing a Relay Swimming Gala at the Summerwood Indoor Aquatics Centre.

Summerwood Primary School used the Inter-House Relay Swimming Gala to encourage collaboration and teamwork among members of the various houses.

The three houses could enter swimmers in the age groups Under 9 to Under 13 for boys and girls. The atmosphere was relaxed and festive. The Dolphins, Stingrays and Orcas encouraged their swimmers with zest. The Stingrays triumphed jubilantly. Their success was acknowledged by the other houses.

Summerwood 2022-03-25 23  Relay Swimming Gala.JPG

Summerwood Primary School Relay Swimming Gala

A day for esprit de corps and teamwork

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