Summerwood Primary School Emblem, Scottish Tartan and Song

The Summerwood Primary School Emblem is a seahorse. The motto is, "Do ye even so."

Summerwood Primary School Scottish tartan 1

About the Motto

The motto is a partial  quote of a verse  in the "Holy Bible." Said Jesus: “Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” (Matt. 7:12.)

The seahorse has numerous unique features:

  • It is a fish but the head, snout and neck are shaped like that of a horse.

  • It is the only animal where the male is the one that gets pregnant and has babies.

  • The appearance is deceiving; seahorses are deadly predators.

  • They are slow swimmers but their camouflage helps to protect them.

  • The body is also covered in bony plates, which makes them hard to eat.

  • Seahorses swim upright using a long fin on their back.

Summerwood Primary School takes pride in its unique features:

  • It is situated a few hundred metres from Hobie Beach in Summerstrand.

  • It has been a parallel-medium co-educational school for numerous years.

  • It excels academically.

  • It develops skills that will equip learners for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • It has three dedicated Information and Communication and Technology centres.

  • It offers Information Technology as an external subject and Coding as a club.

  • It has an elaborate Music Department, offering various external Music examinations and Music performances.

  • It offers various sport codes as a means of fulfilling joy.

  • It boasts an indoor swimming-pool where swimming is taught to all learners as a life skill.

  • The school grounds are sustainable, as much of our electricity is driven by solar power and tanks and two boreholes provide water for our swimming-pool and fields.

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Scottish Tartan

The girls' school dress is a unique tartan dress. 

This attractive tartan is being used for the uniform of Summerwood Primary School, Port Elizabeth /Gqeberha, South Africa. The design has a different warp (six colours) and a weft (four colours) pattern. As shown on the photograph, the weft pattern runs horizontally and has black, royal blue, turquoise and white threads, whilst the green and red threads are added for the warp, which runs vertically along the selvedge.

Woven Sample: A woven sample of this tartan has been received by the Scottish Register of Tartans for permanent preservation in the National Records of Scotland.

The Summerwood tartan is registered as a corporate tartan with the STWR reference number. It was created by Mariette Rossouw (previous parent) and registered on 1 January 2001.

This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans.

Reference:    https://tartanregister.gov.uk/tartan

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School Song

Holistic Learning

Bless this school O Lord we pray

Make it safe by night and day

Bless these walls so firm and stout

Keeping want and trouble out'

Bless the roof and gables tall

Let Thy peace lie over all

Bless this door that it may prove

Ever open to joy and love.

Seen ons skool dit bid ons Heer

Om te strewe tot u eer

Seen die mure wat so sterk

Om ons waak terwyl ons werk

Seën ons skool met grond omheen

Vul ons skool Heer met u Seen

Mag die deur vir ons ontsluit

u Genade en Liefde wyd.

Where the surf meets the ivory sand

Stand a school with a record grand

It's a school which we honour,

serve and love

Where we're thankful for guidance

from above

Here we're taught to do our best 

Here we work and play with zest

With our motto to guide us as we go

"Do ye even so.""


Kom Summerwood strewe na vore

Geesdriftig, gelukking en bly

Ons sal u naam altyd hou

Ons kan met trots op u leuse bou

O Summerwood.