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The learner experience at  Summerwood Primary School includes a diverse range of sport activities and opportunities to bond as a community. Learners are encouraged to do sport as  play is such an integral part of the learners' learning,

We offer many options for our learners to choose from, making them directly involved in designing their own sport path. We offer: athletics, cricket, hockey for boys, hockey for girls, netball and tennis as official school sports.

For us to perform well and to develop, Summerwood has a structure of leadership. These leadership roles will ensure that every decision regarding sport has been well thought through and discussed.

Mr Juan Smit is Director of Sport at Summerwood.  He can be contacted at

Mr Smit can also be contacted telephonically at 076 523 6022. Mr Smit is supported by Miss Thera Botha. Her email address is,za

(Get in touch to learn more about what it’s like to do sport at Summerwood Primary School.)

​For any sport-related queries Summerwood applies a “bottom-up” approach.

This means that parents must speak to the coach of the team first, then the head of the  sport code, then the head of sport, then an SMT member - before addressing the Headmaster.

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It is the POLICY of Summerwood Primary School that all learners are encouraged to participate in at least one summer and one winter activity of the extra-curricular activities offered at the school. Skills are honed from an early age; however, early specialization in sport is not encouraged.


The focus is on mass participation while catering for the needs of each individual participant. Therefore we ensure that sufficient and efficient coaches are available to nurture our young athletes.


Competitions are entered into where strength opposes strength and sportsmanship and the activity itself is the winner. 

Our winter sport first teams tour annually. They reside in Hartenbos and play against teams like Plettenberg Bay Primary School, Park Primary School (Mossel Bay). Hartenbos Primary School  and Holy Cross Primary School.



Summerwood sport is a proud standing tradition in our school. We aim to contribute to learner development through an awareness of fair play, self-improvement, and sporting achievement. We promote quality sport competition and participate in trying to expose talented learners to quality coaching, teaching, and learning through an inclusive sporting approach.

Participation in sport is a proud tradition at Summerwood Primary School. 



Our vision for team and individual sport is to develop players so that they may reach their highest potential, no matter what level or age group they may be.


We aim to create depth within our teams and not just focus on the “A” teams. All leaners for individual or team sports are given quality coaches that aim to ensure that each practice and match are seen as learning opportunities. Sticking to the basics will ensure a solid foundation which will set us up for the season.

Our 2022 sporting season was successful with all round positive results. We hope to only improve IN 2023.

The development of talent and the professional approach to preparing the players thoroughly for matches are some of our highest priorities. Our aims are to develop young stars and to create a joyful, yet competitive nature for all players, therefore we have both professional and enthusiastic school coaches in all codes. 



The following learners/coaches have represented EP or South Africa at national level within official school sport at Summerwood during 2022.

Athletics: Mia Prinsloo (Girls U/10 - 1200M); Karlu Oosthuizen (Boys U/11 - long jump); Emma Bower (Girls U/11 - long jump)

Cricket: Cale Price (EP U/13 A)



Rugby: Wiehan Schmidt (EP B)



Boys hockey:


Girls hockey: Chanelle Venter (EP B)\

Tennis: Petrie Reynolds (EP U/13)

Summerwood Primary School Inter House Athletics Meeting 112.JPG

ACHIEVERS: 2022 - 2023


Building the Future

The guidelines for school recognition are as follows:

1. All children will receive recognition in assembly (for Provincial or National) once their parents have sent proof of this selection to Mrs Lloyd by e-mail.

2. Once your child has participated at Provincial / National level (not only club, district or zone level) they will receive their Summerwood EP/ SA Representative badge during an assembly.

3. All Eastern Cape Representatives of any sporting code – whether a school-related sport or not, shall in the future only be recognized during a school assembly.

4. Only children who received South African Colours will be recognized at the Annual School Prize Giving ceremony.  

5. Take note: Eastern Cape Representatives must have physically participated provincially and not just been part of a club, district or zone, that participated at provincial level.  

6. Only the official Summerwood E.P. Representative / South African Representative badge may be worn at school and needs to be returned to school at the end of each academic year.

7. Please supply any additional information that may be required by the school, as needed.

8. Ensure that the class teacher is aware of any documentation being submitted.

9. Any queries can be forwarded to Mrs Lloyd at the front office. (041 583 3155 / e-mail   involved with our Port Elizabeth community.


Please take not that this recognition extends beyond recognition for Sport, to include recognition in other areas such as Visual and Performing arts and Music. 


Get in touch to learn more about Summerwood Primary School.

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Since Summerwood Primary School believes in learners growing, developing and bonding outside of the classroom, there are a variety of activities available for all types of interests. Take a look below to learn more.


"I let my feet spend as little time on the ground as possible. From the air, fast down, and from the ground, fast up."
Jesse Owens

Head of Athletics – Mr. J. Smit


Athletics Coaches

Sprints – Mr. A. Nel, Mr. W. Shaw, Ms. L. Botma & Ms. N. Van Geest

Middle Distances – Ms. T. Nortje & Ms. E. Robertson

Long Jump – Ms. R. Loest, Mr. L. Nel & Ms. V. Dwali

Javelin – Ms. M. Le Roux

Shot put – Ms. J. Coetzer

The Summerwood Primary School Athletics team consists of no more than two athletes per age group per event.


The Athletics team represents the school at the annual Dirk Brand Inter-Schools Meeting. Meetings, in which  athletes from Under 10 to Under 13 can qualify for after this meeting, include:

  • The P.E. West Meeting;

  • The P.E. Schools Meeting;

  • The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Meeting;

  • The Eastern Cape Schools Athletics Championship Meeting and

  • The South African Schools Athletics Championship Meeting.


"I really hate it when I can't score runs from a ball."  AB de Viliers

Head of Cricket – Mr. J. Smit

1st team Girl Cricket Coach – Ms. T. Botha

Boys Cricket Coaches

u/13A – Mr. J. Smit

u/13B – Mr. K. Haschick

u/13C – Mr. S. Truter

u/11A – Mr. D. Will

u/11B – Mr. J. Raven

u/10 – Mr. D. Will & Mr. B. Rowsell

Summerwood Primary School offers softball cricket and hardball cricket from U/9 to U/13. All age groups have at least two teams.

Mr Juan Smit is Head of Cricket. Besides school coaches, a professional team helps the young cricketers to hone their skills.

Al the age groups compete in League matches. 

The boys also take part in other towns and cities like Knysna and East London.

Our cricket boys play consistently well and are genuinely dedicated to the sport.

Sport Codes


Summerwood Primary School Sport Hockey

"A good player plays where the ball is.  A great player plays where the ball is going to be." - Anonymous

Head of Hockey – Ms. T. Botha

 Girls Hockey Coaches

1st team coach – Ms. T.Botha

2nd team coach – Ms. C. Meiring

3rd team coach – Ms. K. Gerber, Ms. V. Dwali & Ms. E. Robertson

u/10 – Ms. L. Bothma

u/9 – Ms. A Humphreys

u/8 – Ms. A. Humphreys & Ms. S. Gorman

u/7 – Ms. M. Prince & Ms. L. Bothma

Girls compete in U/9, U/10, U/11 and U/13 hockey at Summerwood. At least two teams per age group play regular matches.

The U/10 and U/13 Teams undertake hockey tours to Knysna. We also host numerous touring teams, often at the Astro Hockey Field at Pearson High School. Furthermore; Derby Days like the  Clarendon Park and St Dominics' Priory Derby Day give the players the opportunity to mingle with girls from other schools.

The Grades 1 and 2 learners get the opportunity to play mini hockey. They play matches at Fun Days at various schools.

The girls compete well with school like Clarendon Park, which has a much higher learner enrolment.


"Practise like you've never won. Play like you've never lost." - Anonymous

Boys Hockey Coaches

1st team coach – Mr. S. Truter

2nd team coach – Mr. R. Marais

u/11 – Mr. K. Haschick, Ms. S. Gorman, Ms. J. Heijn

u/9 – Ms. M. McGregor, Ms. C. Pritchard

u/8 – Ms. A. Humphreys & Ms. S. Gorman

u/7 – Ms. M. Prince & Ms. L. Botma


Head of Netball – Ms. M. Smith

Summerwood Boys Hockey has improved over the last two years.

Professional coaches help school coaches to refine the boys' hockey skills.


The young guns play mini-hockey. Two U/9, U/11 and U/14 teams play league matches.

The teams also take part in regular Derby Days and the U/14 A team goes on tour annually.

Boys are also annually selected to represent one of the Eastern Cape Teams.


Summerwood1 2022-06-05 Netball Derby.JPG

"If at first you don't succeed, fix your ponytail and try again." - Anonymous

Head of Netball – Ms. M. Smith

 Netball Coaches

u/13 – Ms. T. Nortje

u/12 – Ms. M. Le Roux & Ms. E. Mekuheiber

u/11 – Ms. R. Loest

u/10 – Ms. N. Botha

u/9 – Ms. J. Coetzer & Ms. D. Botha

u/8 – Ms. M. Swanevelder

u/7 – Ms. M. Smith

Summerwood girls start playing netball in Grade 1. By the time that they are in of the U/9 Teams, the girls play excellent netball.

Besides the U/7 to U9 groups, Summerwood has U/10, U/11, U/12 and U/13 netball teams.

Our netball girls has excelled in 2022, as was proven in the Derby Day against Clarendon Park, when virtually all the teams won.


Summerwood15 2022-06-05 Rugby Derby.JPG

"Looking back, 1995 became a story of a New South Africa, finding its identity through sport." - Francois Pienaar

Head of Rugby – Mr. J. Smit

 Rugby Coaches

u/13A – Mr. J. Smit & Mr. W. Shaw

u/13B – Mr. B. Rowsell

u/11A – Mr. S. Watkins

u/11B – Mr. J. Raven

u/9 – Mr. D. Will

u/8 – Mr. J. Smit

u/7 – Mr. J. Smit

The Summerwood Primary School Boys Rugby Teams love this sport! Specific skills are taught and practised at each session.

Grades 1 to 7 boys play rugby. The official league team age gropus are: U/9 ; U/11 and U/13.

Our boys have had a good season this year. The U/11 A Team even managed a win against the reputable Clarendon Park U/11 A Team at the Derby Day in 2022.


Summerwood Primary School Sport Swimming

"Everyone can train hard when they are feeling good. But it's the days when you're feeling bad that you have to step up. That's when champions step up. They pull through."

Chad le Clos

Head of Swimming – Ms S. McKay

Other coaches

Summerwood Primary School boasts an indoor aquatics centre, in which swimmers can train throughout the year.

Strong emphasis is placed on the correct start- and swimming techniques.

The school hosts two Inter-House galas. The annual Inter-House swimming galas are followed by the inter-House relay gala.

Age group swimming teams take part in various league swimming galas. Some of these galas are hosted by Summerwood Primary School.

Team swimmers are expected to practise frequently at the school.

Swimmers can also qualify for Level 2 of Level 3 swimming galas.


Summerwood Primary School Sport Tennis 1.jpg

I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments.” -

Roger Federer

Head of Tennis – Mr. J. Smit

Tennis coaches

Ms. N. Botha, Ms. K. Gerber, Ms. C. Meiring, Ms. M. Smith & Ms. A. Humphreys

The Tennis Tournament and the Tennis Ladder will be the highlights of the Summerwood Primary School tennis season for 2019.

These learners are given the opportunity to participate in tournaments.
During practices a player may challenge another player 1 or 2 places above them on the ladder.

The U/10-players participate in singles and doubles league matches. Players are selected by coaches to enter. Two players are entered as a doubles team.


A maximum of 5 teams can be entered.


Summerwood 2022-03-25 23  Relay Swimming Gala.JPG