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Summerwood Primary School SUMFUN Sport Day

Summerwood Primary School organized the SUMFUN sports day for various schools Cqeberha. It included matches for boys' and girls' hockey, netball and rugby.

The Grade 1 and Grade 2 Boys and Girls from various schools competed in a round robin tournament. The matches were played in a festive spirit, as the objective was to enjoy participating in mini matches. Both parent and children alike enjoyed viewing and playing sport, while relaxing with family members. Various food trucks sold something to eat and drink.  

Summerwood SUMFUN Day 040.JPG

Summerwood Primary School  SUMFUN Sport Day

The Grade 1 and Grade 2 learners from various school enjoyed some fun at the Summerwood Primary School SUMFUN Day. The following schools joined Summerwood Primary School: Curro Independent School, St Georges' Independent School, Sunridge Primary School, Mighty Kings, Collegiate Primary School, Verkenner Primary School and Altona Primary School.

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