At Summerwood we encourage our children to pursue their dreams and we enjoy nurturing their many different talents.
We have been considered “the music school” because of the high quality and diversity of our music department and the achievements of our young musicians.

Our learners are often rewarded with exceptional awards at various music competitions. Learners are enrolled for theory and practical examinations, like Trinity College of London.

It is important that learners should enjoy participation in their music activities. Learners are frequently taken on outings to the Feather Market Centre for concerts and to NMU concerts. We also do regular outreaches to Retirement Villages.

Head of Music

Ms H. Young


Formal Tuition

Options of instruments:

  • Violin, Classical Guitar, Recorder, Piano (from gr. 1)
  • Voice (from gr. 2)
  • Drums (from gr. 3)
  • Cello, Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone), Brass (Trumpet, Euphonium, Trombone, French horn, Tuba), Bass Guitar (from gr.4)
  • Electric, Jazz, Rock/Pop & Folk Guitar,
  • Ukulele (from gr. 5).

All pupils will be required to play an internal examination twice a year.


  • Piano & Recorder: R500 for individual lessons (2 per week)/ R250 for individual lessons (1 per week)
  • All other instruments: R1000 for individual lessons/ R750 for group lessons (Guitar) – per term
    Summerwood cricket team

    Informal Tuition

    Summerwood athletics long jump

    The following genres are offered in groups as extra-mural activities (after/before academic hours).

    Options and Fees:

    • Musical Theatre: R470 per term (A van Deemter)
    • Marimba band: R350 per term (instruments provided – all age groups)

    No formal test, reading ability or instrument is needed to join either of these.


    Take note of the following:

    • The payment of school fees must be up to date.
    • Music fees are due during the second week of a new term. If said fees are late, lessons will be terminated from the following term.
    • If payment is received late on 3 occasions, lessons will be terminated indefinitely.
    • If a pupil wishes to stop music, a full term’s notice (in writing) must reach the music teacher, otherwise you will be responsible for the full amount.
    • If a child is unable to attend music lessons due to a test or an outing arranged by the school, etc. the respective music teacher must be informed before the lesson, so that the lessons can be moved, otherwise the lessons will be forfeited.
    • I will encourage my child to practice regularly and to ensure that his instrument and homework diary is brought to every lesson.
    • The homework diary must be signed.

    Upcoming Music Events


    The things learnt from my experience in music in school are discipline, perseverance, composure, courage and pride in results … not a bad preparation for life! – Gregory Anrig