Do ye even so


Do ye even so


The Summerwood staff are the enthusiastic group of professionals, who create the caring environment that sets Summerwood apart from other schools.

Our staff is a mosaic of teachers with different ages, backgrounds, languages and interests – so that every Summerwood child should feel at home in the Summerwood family – as they grow academically and socially.

Mr Foaden

Mr William Foaden



A Message from our Headmaster

At Summerwood Primary, we encourage and expect teamwork in our school family because there is such amazing power in constructive collaboration, diversity and synergy. This expectation applies to the children, teachers and parents both collectively and separately.

The nature of our child-centred and holistic school, means that we rely on a mutual relationship of trust between all parties where critique is not just tolerated, but welcomed and where our mutual point of departure is founded on the benefits to the child.

It is with this perspective in mind that we expect parents to take full advantage of the academic, sporting and cultural aspects of school life at Summerwood.

Our focus is on learning and we plan our initiatives to have a positive effect on all children. The extra-curricular activities are planned to engage the mosaic of interests of each child, however, we also encourage our families to take time to walk barefoot together in the sand.

The cornerstones of our daily life with each other are respect, encouragement and joy.

On top of these strong foundations, are support and challenge, which means that, “Just do your best” …. is not actually good enough. We expect planned diligence – especially from our more senior children who must be actively and deliberately guided by their parents. We believe that our children should not only understand the consequences of their choices but that they are also expected to learn positive life lessons from their second chance.

Our teaching practices are founded in research and based on evidence of their impact in our school. Our staff development sessions are well-planned, relevant, professionally run and reflect creativity with fresh ideas to enhance the learning experience for our children.

We trust you will enjoy browsing our website.

If you are a past parent or teacher, enjoy the glow of the legacy you have left behind.

If you are an existing parent or teacher, we hope that you feel the pride associated with your sacrifice.

If you are a prospective parent or teacher, know that excellence comes at a price.

May the children of Africa, be happy children.

Kindest educational regards,

Mr William Foaden

School Management Team – SMT

Mr K. Haschick

Intersen Phase
Departmental Head

Office Team

Professional Assistant to Principal
Ms Ronelle Lloyd

School Fees
Ms Zelda Bosch

Ms G Burriss

Estate Manager
Mr Johan Kilian

Uniform Shop
Ms Zelda Bosch

Teaching Team

Grade 1

Graad 1A
Ms E. Robinson

Grade 1E1

Ms M. Smith

Grade 1E2

Ms L. Bothma

Grade 1E3
Ms D. Botha (Grade Head)

Grade 2

Graad 2A
Ms M. Swanevelder

Grade 2E1

Ms S.Farr (Grade Head)

Grade 2E2

Ms K. Venter

Grade 2E3
Ms Z. Mattheus

Grade 3

Graad 3A
Ms M. Prince

Grade 3E1

Ms S. Mota (Grade Head)

Grade 3E2
Ms A. Humphreys

Grade 3E3

Ms A. van Rooyen

Grade 4

Graad 4A
Ms D. Gerber

Grade 4E1

Ms J. Coetzer

Grade 4E2

Ms T. Nortje (Grade Head)

Grade 4E3
Ms C. Meiring

Grade 5

Graad 5A
Mr W. Shaw (Grade Head)

Grade 5E1

Ms C. Peel

Grade 5E2

Ms J. Kleynhans

Grade 5E3
Mr S. Watkins

Grade 6

Graad 6A
Mr D. Will (Grade Head)

Grade 6E1
Ms T. Terblanche

Grade 6E2

Mr J. Raven

Grade 6E3
Ms R. Lőest

Grade 7

Graad 7A
Ms N. Botha

Grade 7E1

Mr B. Grobler

Grade 7E2

Ms N. Barnard

Grade 7E
Mr R. Marais (Grade Head)


Head of ICT
Ms B. Jonson

Head of Creative Arts

Ms A. Primmer


Ms L. Bam



Head of Sport

Mr R. Muller

Sport Administrator

Ms T. Botha

Head of Music

Ms H. Young

OT & Speech Therapy Support

Speech Therapist

Ms Gwyneth Webber


Gwyneth Webber graduated as a Speech-Language Therapist & Audiologist from the University of Stellenbosch. She completed her community service year at Livingstone Hospital with rotations to Dora Nginza Hospital and the PE Provincial Hospital.

Over the past 20 years, Gwyneth has had the pleasure of working in multiple facilities in the United Kingdom and in South Africa. She has worked as a Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist in both healthcare (hospital and clinic settings) and school settings (pre-schools, mainstream primary schools and special needs schools).
Gwyneth has extensive experience working with children.
Her experience includes helping to overcome delays in the areas of: Articulation and Phonology delays/disorders, childhood Apraxia of Speech, voice disorders, fluency disorders, Hearing impairment, Sensory issues, Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Gwyneth currently has her own practice in Port Elizabeth and she also sees children at Summerwood Primary School and two other local schools. She gives a weekly class for each of the Summerwood Grade 1 classes. These classes are focused on developing listening skills and the foundational skills needed to learn and master reading and spelling. Her own two children attend Summerwood Primary School.

Occupational Therapist

Ms Elna van der Ham


Elna is a registered Occupational Therapist with more than 20 years’ experience. She has a special interest in sensory integration and early intervention. After graduation, she worked for the Department of Health at the Kimberley hospital. Whilst working in this setting she gained experience in a variety of different fields of occupational therapy but specifically became interested in paediatrics and early intervention.

In 2008 she relocated to Port Elizabeth and worked for the Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape) heading their Hambisela programme which is a training programme for mothers and caregivers of children with cerebral palsy.

When her husband received the opportunity to work in Germany on a three-year contract they moved to Germany in 2014 and returned in 2017. On their return to South Africa, Elna started her own practice in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

She works for two mornings a week at Summerwood Primary School. Elna is passionate about helping children overcome various barriers and difficulties that may hinder their potential and progress at school. She is a mother of three children who are all currently learners at Summerwood Primary School.