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Quality, Coaching, Teaching & Learning


Sport, as part of the holistic development of each child, is part of a proud tradition in our school. We aim to contribute to learner development through an awareness of fair play, self-improvement and sporting achievement. We promote sport competition and participate in trying to provide each child with quality coaching, teaching and learning through an inclusive sporting approach.

Summerwood provides a diverse range of both winter and summer extracurricular activities, including swimming, athletics, cricket, hockey (for both boys and girls), rugby, netball, tennis and chess.

At our school, we encourage all students to engage in at least one summer and one winter activity from the array of extracurricular options available. We believe in cultivating skills from an early age but do not endorse early specialization in any sport. Our aim is for children to relish their youth by exploring the various opportunities at their disposal.

Our goal for team and individual sports is to facilitate each player’s journey to their highest potential, regardless of their age or skill level. We prioritize widespread participation while also addressing the unique needs of individual participants. To support this endeavor, several professional coaches on hand for many of our sport codes. Moreover, we participate in competitions where fair competition prevails and the real victor is the sportsmanship displayed within the activity itself.

For any sport-related queries Summerwood applies a “bottom-up” approach. This means that parents must first speak to the coach of the team, then the Head of Sport, then an SMT (School Management Team) member – before addressing the principal.
Head of Sport
Sport Administrator
Ms T. Botha

079 412 7524


All Foundation Phase learners are given the opportunity to participate in sport at Summerwood. The Mighty Kings Academy provide our learners with the necessary skills to equip them for the future. Once the learners are ready, we participate in different Derby Days. We arrange a “Sum Fun Day” once a year and invite different schools to participate against us. Each team gets to play at least three/four matches on this day.

Grade 1 & 2

The following sports are offered for the Grade 1 and 2 learners:

  1. Swimming – Learn to swim (class swimming) as well as Intermediate classes (stroke correction)
  2. Cricket – boys and girls
  3. Tennis – boys and girls
  4. Hockey – boys and girls
  5. Rugby
  6. Netball
  7. Athletics
  8. Chess

Each sporting code is managed by a staff member at Summerwood.

foundation phase netball


In the Intermediate and Senior Phases at Summerwood, our commitment to holistic development continues through a diverse range of sporting opportunities. Coaches teach skills, ensuring students are prepared for both competitive and lifelong sports engagement. Emphasis on teamwork, leadership and discipline cultivates well-rounded individuals. Learners are encouraged to participate in one winter and summer sport.

Summerwood athletics long jump

Athletics – Summer

We offer – sprints, long jump, shot put, javelin and middle distances. The Summerwood Primary School Athletics team consists of no more than two athletes per age group from u/9 – u/13, per event.

This team represents the school at the annual Dirk Brand-Inter-Schools Meeting, thereafter they would be able to qualify for South African colours.

Cricket – Summer

Boys and girls who partake in cricket at Summerwood can look forward to a competitive environment that enables them to grow physically, mentally and socially.

They are taught the fundamentals and basic skills in the lower grades and progress through to the top teams whereby advanced skills, rules and cricket strategy are taught. Matches and festivals are highlights that the boys and girls can look forward to.

Summerwood cricket team
Summerwood rugby

Rugby – Winter

Rugby is offered to all boys from Under 7, Under 8, Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 age groups. Summerwood normally enters two teams per age group, depending on numbers for league matches. Boys can be selected for provincial and city teams respectively in u/13.

Hockey – Winter

Girls and boys who partake in hockey at Summerwood can look forward to a competitive environment that enables them to grow physically, mentally and socially.

They are taught the fundamentals and basic skills in the lower grades and progress through to the top teams whereby advanced skills, rules and hockey strategies are taught. Matches, festivals and our annual Hartenbos Sports Tour (First Teams only) are highlights that the boys and girls can look forward to.

Summerwood hockey
Summerwood netball

Netball – Winter

At Summerwood, our girls are privileged to be coached by a team of extremely competent and affiliated coaches. The staff are supported by younger coaches who play netball at provincial level.

Summerwood netball competes in the Nelson Mandela Bay A-League and achieved remarkable results in this first A-league season.

Our aim is that every girl will have the opportunity to develop, achieve and utilize her full potential – to the benefit of herself, her team and the school.

Swimming – Summer

Summerwood’s swimming program offers a competitive platform for both girls and boys, fostering their physical, mental, and social development.

Beginning with the fundamentals and basic skills in their early years, students gradually advance to the team swimming program. Here, they will be coached advanced skills, rules and swimming techniques, ensuring a comprehensive and progressive learning experience.

Summerwood swimming
Summerwood tennis

Tennis – Summer & Winter

At Summerwood, we have two tennis practices and one official match per week. Tennis is played all year round. We have three official tennis teams and a group of social players.

Tennis is an exciting and fun sport for all to enjoy. Learners develop new skills with enthusiatic coaching.

Chess – Summer & Winter

Chess is an extramural activity offered throughout the year at Summerwood. All learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are welcome to join. A learner does not need to know the game before joining as we coach beginner and intermediate players. Our objective is to encourage learners to play chess for enjoyment and enrichment.

We hope to make the game more accessible to all skill levels and help players reach their potential to play competitively. Learners are encouraged to participate in individual chess tournaments offered throughout the year.

Summerwood chess
interhouse sports

Interhouse Activities

At Summerwood, we believe in fostering a vibrant and competitive environment among our students. To achieve this, we have divided our student body into three houses: Dolphins, Orcas and Stingrays.

Each house has two dedicated house captains who play a vital role in promoting house spirit and organising various activities throughout the year. These house captains bring their creativity and leadership skills to the table, ensuring that their houses are filled with energy and enthusiasm. They oversee choreographing dance performances for athletics and galas and assisting learner leaders or coordinating house-related activities.